The Fight- Knight character development and Environments

So these two designs above are the basic drawings that Hannah has made so far for the production of the fight animation. These are representing the Jousting arena and shopping isle. However looking back on the key poses video I think we may have to ditch the shopping isle design as we are focusing more on the Jousting battle, rather than the end scene. I think these designs will be helpful as a base line for the production of developed Environment designs. Below are some designs that I have drawn out by using the Joust arena design as reference to get some more ideas for Hannah when making some more sketches for the final environment designs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The images above in the slide show are my quick few minute sketches of the environments based on the base sketch Hannah made, as I thought if I made some input it could help develop the designs. Plus I thought it could help to have some other interpretations or ideas rather than just one person’s ideas to make more of a variety in the design process.

Character designs

So these images below are some more designs that I drew in Mischief, I have been drawing some more designs out in my sketchbook to get some more developed ideas for the final character design for the knight and the horse. I will try to add some colour in Photoshop and in my sketchbook to help get some more finalised ideas for the production of the character designs that was one of my main roles in the group production. I have tried to change the head shape and armour of the knight to get some more ideas. But looking through my designs I think it is clear that I will stick with the design of the long hair, large chin and strong torso to help express the selfish, self obsessed personality.

Next step is to make a animatic from the storyboards, make some sound effects, finalise characters and environment designs and start on the in-betweens for the final animation in Toon boom Harmony.


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