Visual storytelling journal-16/01/17

Today I have continued to work on the production of my storyboards, trying to get the various camera angles and shots to help make a more appealing visual story for the target audience. For instance the scene with the bird landing onto the robot and tapping onto the robots eye to try and wake him up. So most of these shots were mid shots mainly, so I decided to change it to have a majority of close ups, and Pov shots to show the perspective of the robot even if it’s not awake, similar to the scene in the overwatch bastion animated short. I have tried to change the perspective in which the bird flies away, so rather than having the bird fly away from the robot in a POV shot I have made it into a long shot where the bird flies towards the camera from a distance, compared to flying away from it.

I have also decided to try out re-designing the characters that are my robots, to try and have some more human anatomical appearances. As getting feedback from Steve, he said I should animate human characters, rather than robots because they have not as much emotion responses or expressions. So I thought about making the robots look more humanoid to have the challenge of animating humanoid characters with human anatomy. Furthermore I have started to redesign the smaller robot character to have a more human appearance to it. The only issue with the design is that I am worried that the design could be too complex for the traditional method I wanted to make in toon boom. But getting feedback from Steve, he said the design looks fine but was a bit unsure about doing it in hand drawn animation, he suggested the animation could be made in after effects like I did with my previous animation last year, or even combine the after effects and toon boom to make it easier to animate.

Next step will be to continue redesigning the characters and continue redrawing the final storyboards. I should try out applying some more shadow to the storyboards as I personally think the shots seem to flat, so perhaps looking at some books to help me apply that shading to the storyboards.


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