The Fight Key poses/ Keyframes

Last week I created the basic key poses/ keyframes for the animation where I have used the storyboards to create the keyframes for the animation. However the first video is about 1/2 of the key poses because we had a deadline last Friday to show what we had so far and I wanted to get on track towards the deadline at the end of this month. However originally this stage of animating was actually down to Robyn,  but due to unforeseen circumstances I had to take on the role of creating the key poses/ keyframes for this animation.

The video below made by me is also the key frames for the animation, but this is the full part of the animation that was made this week after making the first half last week (as seen above). I thought that I should get all the keyframes done, rather than leaving it half finished would benefit my team for the production of the rest of the animation. Using a combination of the screenplay, character design references and storyboards I was able to get the main key poses/ actions that will occur between both characters. I know that these are not the same as the storyboards because the I did not have the final character and environment designs so I thought I should try making the key poses with more developed designs to reference.

However at this point me and Robyn have not got final character designs yet, so we need to work on that before animating any further. I did the key frames without the final designs was to get the main actions done in Toon Boom Harmony on the underlay layer to have rough sketch lines. This means when we do Inbetweens and final edits we as a group can decide on the designs and using the poses, draw over these key poses to make the characters more like the final designs rather than what I made them look like for the time being. Next step will be to get all the designs finalised, ready to continue with the in between frames for the final animation, that stage will be pasted onto Hannah and Robyn for Inbetweens.


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