The Fight-Animatic

The video above is the animatic for the Fight animation where I have taken the storyboards and put them together into a video sequence. However we need to add some sound effects into the animatic to help get some ideas of what kinds of sound will be in the final animation. I shall discuss with group at our next Group meeting what sorts of sound are we going to make or get, and where we are placing sounds in the scene, if we are having sound. This animatic is very basic with the storyboards in a scene together so it will be easier for us to have a moving reference when we start the key poses for the animation in Toon boom harmony.

I think this animatic needs to be edited to have just the image rather than having different shadows or other items around it. Plus I should try and make it a little slower to make a rough time of 15 seconds or less to be more useful for the key poses. But we are going to add more poses than just these storyboards so we can go through a plot out the other key poses for the animation. So next stage is to use this as reference and get the key poses done, ready for the inbetweens to start animating. We also need to get the backgrounds done in order to set the scene and animate the background with any interactive features between the environment and characters.


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