Today I have created the storyboards for the fight, for the group production. Originally Edgar the director was tasked to create the storyboards as it was his idea to make this animation. However he became ill and was unable to complete his task. So taking some initiative I took responsibility for designing the storyboards based on the screenplay that Edgar made previously. So using that basic story structure and both me and Robyn’s character sketches I was able to create the basic frames for the animation. I tried to stick to the screenplay as best as I could because I only had some rough character sketches to work with, plus the environments are still in production. But I needed to complete the storyboards to try and get on schedule for the production of the final animation. As in our schedule we decided to try and get each production animation done by the end of each month until the final deadline to have plenty of time to get all of them done on time.

Anyone having limited resources at this point to make the storyboards, I used the screenplay and referenced the character designs to rough out the basic key frames/ poses that would make up the majority of the animation. I think the frames are appealing in design helping to tell a visual story from the screenplay. However I think I need to get some feedback from my team to see how I can improve on the frames and if there is anything to take out. I think that we might have to take out the ending of the animation with the shopping scene, as we may not have enough time to get all of that done. Plus I think it would be better to have a clean animation with a the majority of the story line, compared to having all the components with a rushed animation.

Next stage is to make a animatic and give the storyboards to Robyn for the key framing stage of the animation and get some developed character designs done.


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