Pixar story process notes

  • Brainstorming
  • Play games to generate ideas- Three things (e.g. Name three superheroes)
  • Protagonist- Hero character with a goal
  1. Story start with once upon a time or once there was a..
  • E.g. Star wars- Once there was a farm boy who wanted to be a pilot

2. Everyday he…

  • Conflict
  • Story arcs-
  • Usual movie- gradually starts and gets to a large plot point and then goes back down in the graph.
  • Action movie- Starts off intense, gradually decreases then increased gradually, until another large plot point and then gradually decreases in a graph.
  • Contrasting characters
  • Motivation

3. Until one day..

  • E.g. Star wars- Luke’s family is killed

4. Because of that..

  • E.g. Star wars- Luke joins Obi-wan

5. Because of that

  • E.g. Star wars- Luke and Obi-wan meet Han solo
  • Carries on throughout

6. Until finally…

  • Climax
  • Before that Crisis
  • Star wars crisis- Obi-wan dies
  • Until finally Luke becomes a star fighter pilot and saves the day, and learns he is a Jedi.

Hobbit story process

  1. Once there was a hobbit named Bilbo
  2. Everyday he smoked his pipe
  3. Until one day Gandalf invited him on a adventure
  4. Because of that- Attacked by three trolls, riddles with Golem, (story turn) Attacked by Orcs
  5. Until Finally- Gains thorns trust
  6. Ever since then- Becomes an adventurer and goes on adventures.
  7. Story arcs is constant large arcs for the different plot/ story turns/  Major plot events