Performance notes (3D Production)

  • Performance is acting
  • Secondary action
  • Hitting the beat- applying a animation to a beat, 1….2….3….4
  • Dick Van Dyke and Charlie Chaplin are great examples of Performance

Polishing a shot

  • Are the feet planted, contacts or going into objects


  • Is the weight working correctly
  • Are there bumps in the head, waist or body, etc
  • Look at the spacing
  • Arcs (Track wrists, ankles, noses, foot)
  • Playblast only after 4 steps are done


  • Body then fingers then face
  • Watch the head and make it hit the accents
  • No even timing (make it ease in or out)
  • Breathing
  • It will never be perfect
  • Mirror shot to see it from a different perspective
  • Flip shot (mirror) and go through it again

Things to do for next task

  • Plan out shot ideas (3)
  • Record yourself acting (3)
  • Draw storyboard frames (1)
  • Begin to block shot

I shall get these tasks completed by next week to gain some feedback and work on the polishing the shot and editing.


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