Dogme 95

  • 10 specific rules

1.Shooting must be done on location

  • Issue is if not on location by not showing things, can make audience believe what you show

2. The sound must never be produced unless it occurs where the scene is being filmed.

  • e.g. If in Attrium (college front) and film you would have, constant noise pollution (problem)

3. Hand held

  • Shaking camera

4. The film must be in colour and must have natural lighting

  • Issue, natural lighting, different days, different weather/ lighting

5. Filters are forbidden

  • Camera filter/ post production (forbidden) no colour correction

6. No Violence/ weapons

7. Geographical must take place here and now.

8. Genre movies are not acceptable

  • E.g Dancing in the dark

Aspect ratio- widescreen 1920x 1080p or 4:3 format

9. Director must not be credited


  • Produce a very short script- minimum three scenes
  • See if have to break some of the rules
  • Storyboard a little of the script
  • Theme- Isolation

Me and Sophie’s Script idea and script

  • Character going crazy in isolation
  • Walks into room, door closes behind him
  • Social experiment, to test how long can take before crazy
  • Roof window (natural lighting)
  • Toilet/ sink
  • Pipe- for food, sink for water
  • 4x 4 metre room
  • White room
  • Normal bed/ white sheets
  • Not fully comfortable
  • Character- Jim Pitcher
  • White walls means character when gets crayons and goes crazy will draw conspiracy theories.



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