The fight research

As the idea is based on Jousting I decided to look into it on Pinterest and to research how it was just in historical events.

Joust definition- ( “a combat in which two knights on horseback attempted to unhorse each other with blunted lances.”

This shows that the animation will be between two main characters of a either the same clan (knights) or perhaps a knight against another warrior clan in that time period, so Vikings or samurai. The jousting has blunted lances so the animation is intended to be suitable for young audiences as well as older audiences as the weapons will not cause serious damage, but instead knock the characters other.

On my pinterest ( I looked into various images that would help to design my knight and horse characters as you can see in the image below I looked at a combination of artwork and real life gesture poses, to help me get some interesting character designs as reference towards my design.

Looking through Pinterest I have looked at images of both artwork, real life gestures and disney characters, well one. So to start I looked at a combination of real life gestures and artwork for knights in the medieval period. This was to help me get some ideas when I was designing the knight to help me get some inspiration for the armour of the knight. As I wondered how the armour would be different or the same in a joust, plus I wanted to see how the armour looked in that time period. The gestures also helped me to sketch the poses for my character designs in my sketchbook providing me with some suitable references for if we need them later in the animation process.

I managed to gather some images based on jousting to inspire me on the lance design for the knight as I was unsure on how the lances looked so I used Pinterest to get some ideas for the design. Plus looking at jousting I could see how the knight holds the lance whilst on horseback, providing more reference images for my sketches, I tried to collect a combination of different jousting images for poses, design ideas to help me figure out the anatomy of the knight and the horse. The large image at the bottom of the collection is the main inspiration for the shape of the knight’s face and body. As I wanted to show a self obsessed, but strong character, so I created a character with a large chin as seen above and a triangular body, which was inspired by the (third row down, third across) allowing me to represent the personality into the character design. As well as that I have looked at characters like Gaston from Beauty and the beast to help get the body structure of a large and strong character, who is also self obsessed allowing me to get that smile that seems like the character is bragging/ showing off to the audience.

Furthermore I looked into the horse character, I mainly got my inspiration from Disney, looking at various horses from Tangled, Sleeping beauty and Mulan to help me figure out how to get a personality to the horse character while keeping the anatomy of the horse. However I also did not know the anatomy of a horse, as when I tried before the proportions where off, so I used images of real life horses and artwork to help me get the correct anatomical structure for the horse to help me with poses and general character designs. Using the Disney sketches I found for the horses allowed me to see the ideas for the personality and structure of the horse’s body and face to show the individual personality and type of horse. This has helped me to experiment with the different ideas for the horse design to make my own individual personality and horse.

All of these images above will be used as reference for character design for my characters and could be used as reference later on when animating in Toon boom Harmony.




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