Performance analysis (Dick Van Dyke)

Today I was tasked into looking at performance, secondary action and hitting a beat. So from Dick van dyke and Charlie Chaplin, I looked at Dick van dyke to see the different secondary actions that occur during his performance. Plus how the actor works to a beat during the performance to help express the various movements in the scene, that help to make the main action look more appealing.

In the first 30 seconds of the video Dick van dyke has a lot of secondary action going on, as the main action is him typing on the type writer. But the secondary action is from his hands where he picks up his coffee cup, the phone and pieces of paper. Plus his secondary action is from his head where he looks at his desk and behind him when he is on the type writer and on the phone.  At first the beat comes from the type writer as he types and then clinks the type writer. Then he follows a beat through his body action as he picks up the phone 1, then types 2, then looks at the desk 3, and finally he picks up the phone, all while trying to follow the main action of typing or looking at the type writer.


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