Visual storytelling- 10/01/17

Today I began developing the storyboards I had previously made were a bit too similar in terms of camera angles. As there was a lot of frames being long shot, medium shots or close ups, so I thought it would be a good idea to try and develop the frames to have a variety/ more of a range for the angles and camera shots. So using the previous post about camera angles I used those shots/ angles as reference and inspiration to change my original storyboards into these more appealing shots. For instance when the smaller robot character is startled and slowly turns around to see the large silhouette, I changed the frame from a close up, to a extreme close up to help express the characters facial expression.

Furthermore using the reference file of those camera shots I  researched, I was able to start redrawing the storyboards making a more appealing to the target audience. So I have begun to draw some of the beginning shots when the magpie or bird flies into the shot and flies towards the sign of the junkyard. This part of the storyboard was mainly and combination of long shots and mid shots, so I decided to change the shots to have a combination of extreme long shots, long shots and dutch angles to help flow with the movement of the bird as it flies from one side of the screen to the other. I have also made a zoom into the sign of the junkyard as the bird flies over the top, showing a extreme long shot of the junkyard environment with the large piles of junk surrounding the area.

Next stage is to continue with the production of my storyboards changing the overall appearance of the shots.


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