The Fight- Designing the knight character

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Today I have designed some digital and traditional sketches in my sketchbook, or in mischief to help develop my ideas from the original sketches in our first production meeting. So looking at the original ideas from the previous meeting I decided to stick with the idea that Edgar (director) came up with a muscular character that is self obsessed. I have also come up with a few ideas for the horse that the knight will sit on.

So the main idea of the story that Edgar came up with is, a strong knight that likes to brag and show off to the crowd, whilst riding a large horse that is similar in personality to the knight. The other character is a large Viking who is strong but slightly dumb, who also sits on a small boar that struggles sometimes to hold him up. So the main story line is the two characters are in a jousting match in a fantasy kingdom, where the characters are in a just to see which one is stronger. The joust goes on, leading to a crash as both characters end up on the same side of the jousting bar, leading to a huge puff of smoke. This then fades to a large supermarket isle where there are two kids covered in cardboard box armour and have crashed shopping trolleys into each other.

So using the feedback from Edgar for the previous designs I developed the designs to show that selfish and self obsessed personality, whilst having that strong appearance. Furthermore I have tried to keep the design of the long hair that Edgar asked for to help show that handsome look to the knight, giving that representation that the knight has been training for years for the joust. But the design I made for the knight was to try and help show a imagined character, that looks realistic but has some anatomical features that may not be achieved in the real world. As the kids are imagining that they are these characters so the idea is to try and show that in the story.

I have experimented with different styles of hair, faces, body shapes and anatomical studies to help show the various ideas that the knight could be. But the kid has been designed to have a slight geek feel to help express the idea that the kids are imagining they are these powerful characters.

So next stage for me in the group is to research and design further ideas for the characters I have designed above. Robyn’s job will be to design the character of the Viking, boar and the other kid that imagines to be the viking. Hannah’s role will be to design environments for the animation. Finally Edgar will be making the screenplay and the storyboards for the animation.


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