Storyboards for Jump parkour animation


During the production of my animation for the jump, parkour animation in the previous post I made a animation for understanding body mechanics. These drawings demonstrate the key poses in my animation that will be interpreted into the blocking stage of the animation. However I did make these after I made the animation, realising that I have already made the key poses by going through the video frame by frame. But these drawings could help me to adjust the poses to look more like the drawings or even to help me pose the character more naturally in the animation. Therefore next time I shall make sure that I draw these poses before I start animating to help me get a more interesting pose to pose blocking for the animation. Plus it will help me to get a reference for the camera in Maya to help design an appealing animation.

Rotoscope notes in Maya

  • Go into after effects
  • Import footage
  • Create new composition by dragging into scene or file>import
  • frame rate 24 fps
  • Move footage to where it starts (move to the left of timeline)
  • Blue outline on footage
  • Composition> add to render queue
  • Change input to Img
  • Change output to .
  • Create camera in Maya
  • Attribute editor> environment
  • Create image plane
  • Image sequence> attach image sequence to image plane with folder

These notes will help to have your reference footage behind the animation in a image plane. This will allow me to have my reference footage in Maya, allowing me to look at the footage without going back and forth from looking at the reference in quicktime player. Plus it will help to get the timing right for the animation as the footage will play when you move across the timeline, allowing me to pose the character to match the footage rather than scrolling through the footage and counting the frames. Next I am going to make another body mechanics animation using the key pose drawings first and the rotoscope method to see if that improves my way of creating a animation and to help improve my understanding of animating body mechanics.


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