Smart research notes

Smart research

Know what you don’t know 

  • Listing out the gaps

Know whats worth knowing…. that you don’t know

  • Prioritise these gaps

Know where to look and where not to look for what you don’t know

  • Going outside film, animation, art
  • E.g. poses look at fashion or photography
  • Going beyond scope of the project

Know when you’re got to know it by

  • Do it (processes)
  • Clock the hours, try different things, not the same.
  • E.g. instead of just doing digital painting, try traditional painting.

Know the best way to learn it

  • Principles- Software
  • Know principles (principles of animation) then apply them to the software.

List of things that I do not know 

  • Lighting in drawings and in 2D animation
  • Ideas for the other production themes (narratives)
  • Effects in Maya
  • Full understanding of using the camera in Toon boom harmony
  • Applying colour in Toon boom

These are just a few of the ideas I can think of that I need to go out a research to help me learn and improve on.


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