Point to point dialogue script


Using the notes from peoples conversations in the previous post and the 16 principles for point to point dialogue I was able to come up with a basic script. Using the dialogue as a group I was able to combine some parts of different conversations and make them into one unique idea. So the basic backstory of this idea is there are two friends, one is a human Jarrod and a alien called Limer, who are travelling on a large space station on there way to investigate different planets. At this point in the script they are in the cantina getting something to eat from the counter. The two are having a basic conversation involving some of the points from my notes in the previous notes.

I think this script is a good because it contains some of the principles of dialogue and is a natural conversation. However I think some of the dialogue could be adjusted to suit the characters, to make it sound more like two different people, helping the audience to distinguish a difference between the character’s personalities.


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