Camera shots and angles


Today I looked into various camera shots and angles, to help the production of my storyboards. Looking back through my storyboards for the robots in a junkyard story, the storyboard camera shots/ angles look to similar to one another. So Steve giving feedback suggested that we as a class look at a mixture of recognisable camera shots and shots/ angles that may not be obvious to us. Me, Robyn and Joe.S where in a group together allowing us to make the word file above showing our research into the different camera angles and shots that will be implemented into our storyboards.

Looking online we as a group decided on 5 different camera shots and angles including; Cut in, POV (Point of View), Wide shot, Over the shoulder shot  and Extreme close up. These 5 were chosen by us to research for our benefit to fit into our storyboards. Whereas Steve chose 5 shots for us to look at before we chose our own to look at, these were; Mid shot, Establishing shot, Close up, Long shot and Dutch angle. Each of these shots and angles have allowed me to go back through and re-draw all of my storyboards, whilst considering more about the shot and composition of the scene, to make the animation more appealing when I start animating.


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