Modelling a character part 3

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Today  I followed and created the third stage of the video tutorial for modelling a character using this video tutorial The main part of this tutorial is to create the hands for the character, helping me to get the appropriate anatomy for the character, making natural looking hands. So to start with I extruded out from the wrist to make the palm of the hand, using the move and scale tool, I made the large square shape for the palm allowing me to have a large structure for the hands.  Then I extruded out the 2 faces on each side of the palm to make a large unappealing shape. This has allowed me to reform the shape of the palm to make a large shape that later on would help me to extrude the thumb and fingers. Making the palm I followed the tutorial to extrude the palm three times allowing me to make a suitable palm.

The next step was to extrude the thumb, looking at the palm shape I followed the tutorial to extrude the side of the palm to make a thumb shape. I have been able to extrude the two faces on the side of the palm, to extrude a small shape for the start of the thumb. Then using the extrusion tool, I extruded the thumb twice to make a long rectangular shape for the thumb. Using the reference image on the top view I was able to move and scale the thumb to get the shape that looks like a thumb. But to make it more appealing I extruded a small extrusion of the mesh to make a rounded end on the thumb. Using the scale and move tools (W and R keys) I moved the thumb around to match the reference image below it in the top view. Furthermore I have used the R key to scale the thumb by scaling it in and down on the X and Y axis to help provide a rounded shape for the thumb.

Looking at the palm of the hand I needed to make the fingers, but before hand I have made sure that the vertexes before the fingers are moved back to help make a angle for me to adjust the fingers when I extrude them. Using the extrusion tool I made a small part of the index finger. Using the move and scale tool I made the small part of the finger more neat and one that would help to make the finger separate to the others.

The index finger was extruded three more times using the extrusion tool to make two large rectangles and a small extrusion for the rounded tip of the finger. Having the index finger made from the extrusion with a rounded tip using the scale tool I needed to make the other fingers. So following the tutorial I selected all the faces of the finger and went to Edit mesh>Extract, this allowed me to extract the finger from the rest of the mesh, so in a way it was separating the finger from the palm. Doing this I realised that the pivot point goes back to the center of the mesh, so you need to go to Modify>Center pivot. Making the pivot point center to the finger I then made Ctrl D which duplicates the finger. Doing this 4 times I resized and moved the fingers to suit the fingers in the reference image.

However these fingers that were duplicated were not connected to the rest of the mesh like the index finger so I needed to connect the fingers using the attach to polygon tool. But first I needed to combine the mesh together, selecting the fingers and then the palm, repeating this 3 more times I combined the mesh. So basically I combined the mesh by selecting the finger and then the palm clicking Mesh>combine. Combining each of the fingers I needed to join the mesh together. At first I thought the tutorial would use the bridge tool, making additional mesh to combine the separate mesh. But instead using the tutorial I used the attach to polygon tool, this tool allows me to connect mesh together in the same way as the bridge tool, adding additional mesh to the model to connect the pieces together.

After combing all the fingers and palm I adjusted the vertexes to make some more natural looking hands. Finally I moved the fingers up using the side view move the fingers up to look similar to the reference footage. Furthermore I used the rotate tool (E) to rotate the thumb to look like the character in the reference images.


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