Simple bot jump parkour (finding an issue)

Editing and remaking this animation in Maya for the jump parkour animation I made previously (in a previous post) where I am learning the basic components of body mechanics in character animation. Below are the first few play-blasts where I tried to adjust the original animation using feedback from my tutor. As looking back at my animation I realised from the feedback that I had found a crucial mistake, as I didn’t animate the hips which is where the main actions come from. Anyway using my understanding of animating from the hips I was able to fix the issue using the reference footage as a guide. I managed to get a basic blocking animation done with these play-blasts showing my development.

But I came across another major issue, as when I used the graph editor to refine the animation I realised that the jumps were not far enough and were too high compared to the reference footage. I tried to go back through and fix the issues but it mean’t I had to change all the timing of the animation. Judging from how much of the animation I had key framed (pretty much all of it) I realised it would be too difficult to go back and change everything without messing up the rest of the animation. Therefore I decided to restart entirely. So using the reference footage I retraced my steps. But this time I moved the hips first and then key framed everything on that frame before going on to the next frame. I also took a slower approach trying to make sure my animation looked similar to the reference footage. Below are my play-blasts for the development of this version of the animation.

Looking back at my animation I realised that there was one final issue that I should have realised from using this reference footage. As watching it back more carefully and looking at the timing of my animation, I realised the jump moves too slowly. At first I thought it was the graph editor until I realised that the reference footage was actually in slow motion. So then I realised that because it is in slow motion the timing would not relate to real time and therefore when I animated it, the jump looked to slow. I made a final render for the animation below just to show my progression with this animation and to help demonstrate what I mean.

Therefore I will be using a different part of the video reference that I found looking through it that is in real time, allowing me to make a real time animation. Luckily the previous video was a clip from a larger video allowing me to quickly find a solution to the problem I have, so now my aim is to get the animation back up to date with the newest clip and have it completely than no later than tomorrow.


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