Production- The fight First meeting

Today was our first meeting as a group with; Me, Edgar, Robyn and Hannah. So in our meeting we discussed the basic idea for the premise of the first story for the fight animation. The meeting took about an 1 hour 3 minutes to discuss all of the different ideas for the final premise idea for the fight animation. We discussed which people should be drawing out designs for the characters and environments, so we each have to draw out some different concept art sketches for either characters and environments for the project. So my task is to create some concept art sketches/ character designs for the knight character.


This is the premise/ stages of the story showing the key points to the story.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As Edgar as the director we have tried to make sure that everything  we draw relates to the story that he envisioned. So when drawing out my sketches as seen above I was talking to Edgar to see how he wanted the character of the knight to be, so the first drawing was good but he did not want to have a helmet on the character, but have a long blonde wavy hair, with a handsome like face with strong body. To show a character who is brave but likes to show off to other people. The horse is a normal horse but perhaps make the horse have a similar personality to match the knight character.


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