Parkour Jump body mechanics animation (part 1)

This is the first playblast for my parkour jump animation using the simple bot rig in Autodesk Maya. I was tasked to create a animation for a jump or a piece of parkour to help develop my understanding of body mechanics when animating characters in Maya. So for this task I decided to animate a parkour jump using the reference footage from YouTube below. I would have made my own reference footage but because I cannot parkour I thought I should get some reference footage that would be effective for animation reference.

Anyway the video above is a blocked out video for the animation I will later develop into a refined animation sequence. I made this timed block for the keyframes using quicktime player with the clip I made from the video in the link below, in premiere pro to make it easier to count the individual frames and the key poses for the jump sequence. This blocking animation will allow me to use this as the main poses that I can edit using the graph editor and the timeline to develop/ refine the animation to look more polished and have those natural movements.

The blocks that the character jumps on are made using the cube polygon primitive from the polygon menu. Using the scale and move tool I edited them to make similar shapes to the reference footage.

Link to the full video as the reference image is my edited version.

So above is the reference footage that I used to make my blocking animation. I decided to make a jump rather than a parkour flip or other motion, because I wanted to get the basic body mechanic movement first rather than going straight into a complex movement that visually may not look natural. So next stage of this animation is to add the break frames and refine the inbetween frames in the graph editor to get those smooth arcs that will allow me to have a smooth flowing animation with natural looking movement.



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