Ideology notes

  • Plato, Blake and Marx
  • Parable- Story/ illustrates a moral


  • Analogy of Plato’s cave
  • Imprisioned
  • Shackled
  • Restrained
  • Fire behind you
  • States
  • Thats all you know
  • Knowledge and Truth
  • Missing something from the world/ knowledge
  • Expand, Escape your boundaries
  • Constructed view of the world
  • Family
  • Media
  • Education-helps escape boundaries
  • Culture
  • Our different subjects in lesson are boundaries in a way
  • How you apply it is how you overcome the boundaries
  • Society creates boundaries
  • We construct boundaries ourselves

London Poem by William Blake

  • Quote- “The mind forg’d manacles I hear”
  • You forge these manacles
  • We actively participate in ideas
  • Stereotypes
  • Mind forg’d manacles- Think you have escaped

Hegemony-leadership or dominance

Discourse- Speak or write authoritatively about a topic

  • Ideology- How capitalism works
  • ideology- A Group of ideas
  • Marxism- Marx’s ideas
  • Capitalism will fail/ banks fail relates to 2008
  • “Black Mirror” (TV series) Charlie Brooker


  • key concepts- ID, Ego, Superego
  • The uncanny
  • Masochism
  • Model of the mind
  • The conscious mind
  • ID-unconscious
  • Ego- Pre-conscious
  • Superego- Conscious


  • Can’t communicate, want (baby)
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Comfort
  • Shit sorted
  • Attention
  • Money
  • Sex
  • Power/control
  • Aggression
  • Addiction


  • Demanding
  • Tries to be in the middle of ID (unconscious) and Superego (conscious)
  • Ego- Pre-conscious


  • Authority
  • Teach morals
  • Parents
  • Study books
  • Other peoples
  • Teacher
  • Police
  • Laws
  • Medical
  • Can be manipulated

Anna Freud- defence mechanism

  • Splitting- “I love my country”
  • Denial- “I didn’t do anything”
  • Projection- “Don’t be aggressive” (said in an aggressive way)
  • Isolation- “Don’t worry about me I don’t feel anything”
  • Undoing- “She loves me, she loves me not” (leaving it to fate)
  • Identification with aggressor- “Do to them, what they do to you”

Sigmund Freud-Repression

  • The primary mechanism for Freud is “Repression” the first “defence mechanism” and the process by which the unconscious “ID” is formed and maintained
  • Ward and Zarate (2006)
  • “Repression Shaddli”

The Uncanny

  • 1)Errist Jentsch-1906- on the psychology of the uncanny
  • Drew question as to whether the “living being really is animate, whether a lifeless object may not in fact be animate” Intellectual uncertainty
  • 2)Sigmund Freud-1919- the uncanny “what is not known and familiar” Psychological impulse (there is a shadow)
  • 3) Mari-1970-The uncanny valley- there is a drop to break over
  • 4) Then there is the idea that the uncanny valley grows as technology evolves
  • 5) Kent Arandise- The other side of the valley; or, Between, Freud and Video game
  • The uncanny valley can never be overcome in video games- it is intrinsic to the nature of them, the “Valley” is precisely the fact they are graphics (a shadow)
  • In this instance (amongst others) two shadows collide
  • Our own internally repressed memories, ideas and thoughts collide with the conscious world generating various experiences
  • 1) The uncanny
  • 2) Perceived irrational behaviours
  • 3) Desires manifesting with various results (good or bad)
  • Voyeurism- The urge to watch content

Freud and the Oedipus complex

  • Oedipus complex one of Freud’s most controversial and most often referenced theories
  • Oedipus Rex
  • King of the plague ridden tributes
  • Freud suggested that there are five psychosexual stages
  • 1) The Oral (Birth- 1 years)
  • 2) The Anal (1-3 years)
  • 3) The Phalic (3-6 years)
  • 4) Latency (6-Puberty)
  • 5) Gential (Puberty- death)

All 3 topics from notes are Code and Conventions




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