How to write a treatment

  • Treatments need to be written in the same font as scripts so font is Courier

Why are film treatments important

  • Writing a treatment is a fundamental process of the creative process of film making

What is a film treatment

  • A treatment is very similar to a synopsis think of it as a pitch and statement of intent
  • It is a outline of your film narrative and tells the reader exactly what is going to happen in your proposed film
  • Treatments can vary in length but are normally a two to five page document that tells the whole story focusing on the highlights
  • Treatments are short stories that are told in the present tense and normally describe events as they happen

Checklist for treatments

  1. A working title
  2. Target audience
  3. Genre
  4. Duration
  5. The writer’s name and contact information
  6. A short logline/ tagline e.g Star Wars- a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away
  7. Introduction to key characters
  8. Who, What, When, Why and Where
  9. Act 1 in one to three paragraphs set the scene, dramatize the main conflicts
  10. Act 2 in two to five paragraphs should dramatize how the conflict unwind
  11. Act 3 in one to three paragraphs, Dramatize the final conflict and resolution
  12. Read through and check for errors/ peer assess.

My Treatment for one of my script ideas


Feedback (Sophie)

  • Duration should be changed as perhaps a 10-25 minute film would be more appealing for a older audience
  • Make a backstory for the Crocodile character
  • Perhaps change the target audience to a older audience so 9-13 year olds so they are young but not too young to get bored by it.

Making a Synopsis

  • Example- Harry potter- The boy who went to wizard school
  • My example- Doctor who- Travelling through time and space in a blue police box
  • Feedback- Adventuring through time and space, fighting aliens and monsters in a blue police box
  • My synopsis for my idea (goblin story)- A gold obsessed goblin becomes jealous of a crocodile lying across a pile of gold
  • Feedback- too long of a sentence
  • New version (goblin story)- A gold obsessed goblin steals gold from a rich crocodile

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