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Following the tutorial above I was able to begin the first stage of modelling the character from the base mesh of the cube. Firstly I started with importing the reference images, by using the images from the tutorial I was able to follow the tutorial effectively. So to use these reference images efficiently I made some planes for the reference images, so I can make the mesh for the model in all the views including; front, side and back view.  So starting of with that cube polygon primitive I began using my extrusion tool (ctrl E) to move extend the mesh of cube to make the shapes on the reference images.

Following the tutorial I used a combination of editing the vertexes, edges and faces to extrude the mesh and making the mesh look like the parts of the character drawing that I have for the reference image. So to start with I made the torso of the character, this was a basic model/ mesh where I mainly extruded the faces at the top the cube. This made the basic spine shape for me to then add more topology on top. So making the basic rectangular shape, I used the front and side reference images (using spacebar to flick between views) I moved/ edited the vertexes to make the shape of the torso using the W and R keys (Move and Scale).

After making the torso I next had to make the lower part of the torso, this was achieved by extruding the bottom of the ready made torso and moving it down to the hips/ legs area. Then using the scale tool (R key) I scales the vertexes in and up to make a sort of cone shape on the bottom of the torso. This will allow me later on in the tutorial series to add the legs onto the torso. The next step was to make a neck and head shape, the neck was made by extruding the top of the torso up to where the neck ended/ touched the bottom of the head. Using the neck I extruded twice more from the top face of the neck to make the basic head base. Using this base shape I extruded out from the front faces of the rectangle to make the cube shape for the head. Now with a basic cube head I began using the different views to edit the vertexes and edges to make a more natural head shape for the character. Using the reference images allowed me to move the vertexes into the correct position providing me with that natural head shape.

Overall I followed the tutorial quite well, as after each part was done I paused the video and did it for myself in my own Maya file to make sure that I had done that part properly rather than skipping ahead and losing track of what I had done. Next step is to use the other tutorials on the playlist to continue the character modelling and making the extra features of the character.


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