Group Production Calendar

the-fight-calander   (word document link)

This is our group calendar with a basic idea of the dates for when we will make the 4 productions by. So Me, Edgar, Robyn and Hannah today discussed the different things we need to complete before the end of each month, to keep a schedule of all 4 animations to be completed by May 26th. Therefore we made this calendar to keep track on who is doing what and when each of the different things and their deadlines.

We have only done the first film idea first because it is the only strong idea that we have so far that we are defiantly going to use, so we shall develop some more ideas for the other films later and add them  to the calendar. Furthermore in today’s lesson we discussed what each of us were going to do based on the list we made when talking as a class of people’s role in the animation Moana.


So we each assigned each other some different roles to complete for the first animation and to be responsible for each other throughout the production process. So my roles are; Look Development which is Polishing, rendering and colour correction. Plus I am responsible for being the editor and in-between animator for this film. So my task is to make sure the final animation is nice and refined. The rest of the team is assigned above in the image, all of these were discussed together as a group making sure everyone was suitable with their roles.


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