Black Mirror Notes

  • Watched second episode of Black Mirror
  • Technology (advanced) touch screen
  • Immersed in screens

Media Commercialisation- Relating to everyday life


  • Time
  • Fake currency
  • Food
  • Pornography
  • Avatars
  • Wealth and Status
  • Consumer Products
  • Advert Avoidance


  • Artifical drama
  • Scripted reality
  • Fat treated as second class


  • Shielding reality
  • On bikes so stop getting bored as screen in front of you
  • Room of screens
  • Creating isolation


  • Communication
  • Represent social media
  • Alternate persona
  • Shield from exposed
  • Hide identity
  • Express ourselves differently


  • Tv show
  • Leave bikes to go on it
  • In show just shows bigger room rather than freedom as assumed presented
  • Still isolated character


Culture- societies not all have similar things as discussed earlier



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