Researching ideas

Idea 1

For my first idea I wanted to look at different ideas for  a portal for the idea of going through a portal in a door so I looked at images from the game portal, to help me think of ideas for the story.


Above is the link where I found the image above helping me to reference my research into the ideas of portals.

d593ae479c523a9a3ee43d05e66291db.jpg (this is the website link for the image above where I found this image.

Using the game as inspiration I have been able to see how the audience reacts to going through portals without getting confused on where the character is. Using this to help generate my idea I think that this game would help me a lot as it shows a clear representation of the theme of travelling through a portal.

Idea 3

Looking on pinterest I found some different images for the samurai warrior, I thought about the different time period a samurai would have been around and there was the different periods that the Samurai lived. I thought about having the samurai live in the Heian period in 1186 as it would help me to show some ancient and traditional methods of making the warrior.

this is the link where I found the information for the samurai and how it can be used for my own idea. Getting peer feedback I found that someone said about the different time periods of the samurai warrior, helping me to look into the different kinds of samurai.

I have looked into different images on pinterest allowing me to get some inspiration on the designs of the samurai, helping me to develop my understanding of how samurai’s look and how the armour would affect the character.



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