Avoid Rhetorical Questions

Things not needed in my Essay

  • Ensure statements presented as facts are referenced
  • Use better terminology
  • e.g instead of
  • “had to choose a sex to market towards”
  • how about
  • “had to choose a gender to market towards”

Avoid first person

  • Instead of
  • “In this paper I will be looking at the current”
  • try…
  • “The aim of this essay will be to investigate and gain a perspective on

Include directed quotes Appropriately

  • Instead of
  • “Some view female characters as”
  • try….
  • “Some (Weaver, 2015) (Sweeney, 2016) view female characters as”


  • Instead of
  • “What you think or feel”
  • try….
  • “What has the essay highlighted”
  • Firmly established
  • What this could mean in future (hypothesise)

Expand sources beyond online

  • Instead of
  • Websites
  • try….
  • Academic Journals
  • Magazine articles (worthy magazines, like new scientist)
  • Books
  • When referencing to work and tech cite them
  • Films e.g. which one, where watched it
  • Avoid “Tacky” lines such as;
  • Instead of
  • “Believe it not, VR is incorporated”
  • Try…..
  • “VR reaches a wide scope of areas such a;”
  • Include definitions of your topic
  • Not everyone will have the same definition so establish what is yours (or the essays) is
  • Check your Grammar
  • Know the difference between words like
  • Effect and affect
  • (they take how presented even if accidentally put wrong word)
  • Explain what an Acronym is
  • Do not assume the reader will know what a ARG is for example

Investigate a wider perspective

  • Psychological
  • Medical
  • Social
  • Structure
  • Don’t go to another topic area mid topic
  • 2.0 spacing

2.0 spacing looks like this


2.0 spacing looks like this

Avoid suggestive terms

  • Avoid
  • “Also love to mess with your head”
  • Try…
  • “Attempt to disrupt harmonious experiences”
  • Long quotes
  • Should have their own paragraph and be separated from the main text. (Single spaced for quotes

Sherlock notes (moodle reference)

  • Federated search (change menu)
  • Q sage premier (database)
  • Save after find a article

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