Stylised walk cycle using reference Simple bot

This week I was tasked to create a stylised walk cycle, like the previous animation as I used my own filmed reference footage to use as reference for the animation. The reference footage below is filmed using my Nikon camera to help me gain footage for the animation, furthermore I have made a crouched/ sneaking walk cycle to help show a different expression, compared to the usual walk cycle. This will allow me to experiment with making different styled walk cycles to develop my understanding of animation.

The video below is the first playblast for the animation, where I have made the character animation using the reference footage. By using quicktime player I scrolled through the video frame by frame to see the poses for 6 frames at a time to help get the three main poses for each step. Here I have a basic blocked out walk cycle which has been made to show the basic movement of the animation.

The next playblast below has some additional movement which is the hips moving up and down, whilst tilting to look down and up. This shows a sneaky look as the character looks down and then back up to look where he is going, following my reference footage. Here I have made the animation of the legs a bit more refined to look more natural to continue to follow the reference.

This video below is the final playblast where I have made the animation with some further developed features including the eyes, brows, toes and legs. Here I have twisted the legs and rotated the toes to move naturally when the toe flicks up before the toe touches the ground. In addition I have adjusted the torso to rotate to look to the left and right, with the eyes following to move naturally with the legs.

Below I have made the final animation for the side view where I have refined the animation using the graph editor to have those natural curves/ arcs to make a smooth animation. Furthermore I have made sure all of the animation has smooth arcs in the graph editor.

Below is the perspective view for the final animation, I have experienced some issues from making the animation as after adjusting the graph editor I found that some of the animation had gone out of place. So looking at these issues I had to go back through the animation and adjust the graph to have those curves but also look natural.

Below is the front view of the animation. However the issues I mentioned earlier was the legs as the leg was going up for the step, the leg was going through the torso making it look unappealing and unnatural. So going through the video I have adjusted the animation so the legs move naturally and do not go through the torso but instead move underneath. So I have moved the torso up and down appropriately to move with the legs so they do not go through the legs.

Looking through my animation I think it has come out nicely, as the animation is natural with the natural curves/ arcs so the legs and feet move naturally and smoothly. furthermore I think that gaining some feedback will allow me to see where I can improve because some of the animation may look appealing, so that feedback will help me to improve. But from what I can see that the hips could be improved in the graph editor to move a bit more natural because the legs are suppose to be crouched but some of the steps look larger than the previous. Although the steps are suppose to look different but one of the steps at the end of the animation looks to far apart compared to the others.


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