Rigging in Toon Boom Harmony (Secondary action)

This is my animation for the 12 principles of animation, Secondary action where I was tasked to create a 32 frame animation using the knocking animation below (1st video). Furthermore I am not allowed to change the knocking animation,but I can add additional movement, using legs, another arm & hand and I can move the head and torso. The animation below is a animation made using the rigging process of animation in Toon Boom Harmony. To make this knocking animation I have to draw the arm making two lines, then you right click on the top menu and select Deformation.

This brings up some additional buttons to the menu, where you have a hammer button this creates the tool to make the joints for the rigs. Therefore in the arm I needed to make three joints, which is made by simply clicking on the stage in the correct place. Then I drew out the hand allowing me to then add a peg to the hand. Using the transform tool I was able to move the pivot point on the hand to make the hand move naturally. The video below is a rough hand drawn animation to get me the general idea of the movement for the secondary action.

Next I needed to sort the layers in the Node view, here I parented the joints and layers together, in the image below I have moved the layers into a suitable position to parent the layers together easily. Furthermore I have parented the deformation layer of the arm and the peg for the hand, allowing the arm joints and hand to bend/ move together. The image below is a final node view for the final animation, where I have combined all the suitable layers and deformation layers, allowing me to move all the components of the character movements to move naturally.


The image above shows the node view, for the final animation where I have moved all the layers and parented them to the appropriate videos together allowing me to make sure all the movement flows nicely. However the video below is the final animation, from the node view in the image above. The final animation is a character, knocking on a door with his back turned as he is swinging his suitcase waiting for another character to come out the door. So he is knocking on the door as he is in a rush, with the foot taping to show the character being impatient. But he becomes so impatient he falls asleep and then wakes up suddenly.

I think this animation has come out quite nice, where I have made a clean lined animation, with some smooth flowing movement, allowing me to make a natural moving animation. However I think I should add some head movement for the animation, making the character look back at the door impatiently to help express that idea. I think that the character design looks a bit to simplistic, but because it is my first attempt at a rigged animation I think it has come out nicely. Furthermore I think the additional props for the animation has helped to express the idea.

This is my edited version of the final animation where I have edited the head movement to look back suddenly to show that expression of being in a hurry, but then he falls asleep because of being bored of waiting. I think this has helped to show the expression that I wanted to show than the previous video, but I still think the line work could be refined, but perhaps it is because of being my first attempt of a rigged animation it looks unappealing.



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