Visual Storytelling Presentation

This is my presentation for my visual storytelling ideas, here I have applied all my character designs, environment designs and concept art to show my work on the idea so far. For this task we had 10 minutes to present my robots in a junkyard to the class and also get some feedback for work so far.

I decided to make a video for the artwork because I felt that it would be quicker and easier to show all my artwork in a video  rather than going through separate slides with all my images on it as my presentation would not be finished in the 10 minutes. Furthermore I added my adapted version of the animatic as seen below where I have taken on board all the feedback from Matt and my peers (as mentioned in a previous post) I have drawn out some additional beat boards and changed some original beat boards. 

I have changed some of the original beat boards because the original idea was to have a cricket bat when they swing for the ball. But I decided to remove that as my peers said it was too confusing to see where all the bats came from. Therefore I changed the cricket bat into a paddle bat that the smaller robot’s hand changes into, to make the bat easier to notice where it came from.

Overall I think the new animatic and presentation has come out nicely as it clearly shows my adaptations in the animatic and the presentation has allowed me to clearly present all my ideas for my animation idea. However for the animatic I think I should take the pictures of the beat boards with three lights rather than one or even scan them in to the computer because some of the images look too dark, and when I tried to edit that in premiere pro it looked a bit unappealing. In addition I think the presentation’s research page should of had a bit more on it to explain my research thoughts as it sort of looked a bit rushed rather than looking presentable so next time I should check through carefully making sure every slide is presented clearly.


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