2D Production- Rigging notes

Toon Boom Cut out animation (rigging)

Deformation rigging

  • Toolbar>right click>Deformation (from list)
  • Hammer= rigging setup bottom
  • Should be purple if can rig
  • 3 clicks for rig arm to make joints
  • Circle is bend axis
  • Draw hand and add peg
  • Use transform tool, then move rotate point

Node view

  • Separate squares out
  • Peg (add) to deformation
  • Move hand (green square)
  • Connect to bone deformation not peg (node view)
  • Hand tool to move stage/ camera (default) around)
  • If hand playing up- right click node view> deformation> output> Kilomatic output
  • Animate only using pegs
  • Secondary action, moving
  • Other parts of body/ posing
  • Parts to show
  • Expression the main action
  • Make 32 frame knocking movement

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