Visual storytelling Journal 20/11/16

20/11/16- Today I have managed to create a variety of different things to show in the presentation tomorrow which will help to express my ideas for the robots in the junkyard animation/ short film. Furthermore during the day I managed to create a storyboard, developed the animatic and create some digital concept art for the characters and environment.

In the video below I have added some improvements from my previous feedback to develop the animatic to appeal to my target audience. So using the list of feedback from the previous blog post I have used the advice given and adjusted the animatic.

So I have edited the beginning of the animatic so the magpie flies through the junkyard to show the scale of the junkyard and then the bird flies towards the robot, allowing me to show the character in a more appealing way to just zooming into the character. In addition I have edited some of the scenes so that rather than the cricket bat the character has a hand that changes into a paddle. I chose to make this because I wanted to show that the robot had a purpose in his backstory allowing me to bring some additional features to the character and storyline.


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