Remakes and Reboots notes

  • Remake- Recreating the film
  • Reboot- Adding to the original, Restarting the franchise/ series

Cultural change or Industry change

  • Remakes was in the 80’s (when remakes started) but some exceptions
  • 157 remakes have been theatrically realised between 2003 and 2015
  • Not just about film industry
  • Happening throughout the entertainment industry but the question is why are we so reliant on this formula

Industry Audience

  • Completely audience driven (film, games, animation)
  • Industry that is “forcing” these upon the audience
  • Cannot be personal Judgement

We then made the top 5 best and worst remakes of films, games or animations to then present to the class to show what we as a group thought of for the different ideas we had for the recent or past remakes.



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