Essay Draft


This is my draft for the social networking essay, here I have made an 1500 word essay based on my original question “How will VR change in the media industry”. But instead of using this question I decided to change it because it sounded a bit to broad so I wanted to give specific points. Therefore I changed the question to “Will VR change the processes of animation in the next ten years”.

I decided to give the essay a specific point for me to discuss throughout, as I like Virtual reality and it’s uses. But I wanted to relate Virtual reality to the animation industry because I am in that course, but also because I have a insight in that topic allowing me to develop me essay. But this is a draft so I will be able to gain some feedback from my tutor, providing me with how to use my resources more efficiently and to help get some interesting ideas in my essay.

Furthermore I have used websites for my research to help provide some quotes and references in my essay. Because of using Virtual reality for my essay I think I could of added some different ideas and themes like Futurism and Immersion to help explain my points, as I need to gain some more insight into how VR reacts with the audience, developing my different points and views along with the references.


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