Improving the Simple bot Walk cycle

This is a improvement on the previous post for this animation where I have made some adjustments to the walk cycle. After getting some peer feedback I found out that you should not animate using the master control, which is the yellow ring at the bottom of the character. But I only used that control to move the character from one side of the stage to the other. But watching it through along with the feedback I was given I realised that the character is actually floating above the plane/ floor. This is due to animating with the master control, meaning I would have to go back through and remove that movement of the master control and replace it with moving the feet, legs and hip controls.

This is the playblast for the previous version of the animation, as when I got rid of the master control movement, the animation was a walk cycle in a single position which i did not want. Therefore I used this playblast as reference to see the positions of the legs, feet and hips to then move them into place using the appropriate controls. Unfortunately this was rather annoying as with each frame I animated the walk poses I had to then move each of the body components to fit the walk cycle animation like the one above.

Luckily I managed to edit the animation by keeping the same poses from the previous animation, instead of fully re positioning the legs and feet. But the main issue was the walk poses as the character moved across the stage did not look right, as some of the poses had automatically gone out of place because of me moving the controls to a different position. So I had to go through the graph editor and the timeline and adjust all the poses manually to get them back into the right pose. As you can see above and below I have remade a front, side and perspective view of the animation to show the different angles of the character’s walk cycle.

Apart from the issues I had with readjusting the animation I think it has come out quite well, as the animation still has the same timing and key poses as the previous animation, that most of my peers liked. Furthermore I have managed to adjust the animation so that the feet are always touching the floor when they are suppose to making it look like a natural walk cycle animation.

However looking at the animation I do think I may have to continue adjusting the animation, as some of the poses seem to be a bit out of place, as looking at the animation frame by frame the movement seems to look like the feet are sliding across the stage so I may need to adjust that slightly. But using the playblast reference was very helpful because it had the frame numbers that allowed me to go through the animation in quicktime player and see frame by frame where the legs, feet and hips should be positioned. I think the hardest part of adjusting this animation was editing the graph editor, because when I tried to make the graph into arcs or some curves the actual animation would go out of position. So it was a lot of going back and forth between the timeline and graph editor to fix these issues.


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