Visual Storytelling Journal 12/11/16-14/11/16

12/11/16- Today I created a animatic for the final animation idea, for the short film idea of  robots, here I have made a animatic using record cards to hand draw the basic keyframes of my animation idea. In the video below I have made sure the animatic flows nicely at a constant rate, at 1 second per image so that the video flows quickly. Furthermore the animatic will show all the images/ scenes of the beat boards but will lot stage on the screen for a long time, so that the video doesn’t loose the target audiences interest.

14/11/16-However today I had to present my animatic to the class which allowed me to get some good feedback that will allow me to recreate my animatic in a better way than this version above making it more appealing to the target audience. The feedback I received was:

  • Intro could be the magpie flying through the landscape then landing on robot, rather than going straight to the robot.
  • Have paddles rather than cricket bat, so do not get confused, plus should reduce the amount of cricket balls/ scrap balls being used in the animation to reduce being confused.
  • Play keepy ups rather than bat and ball and then kick the ball into the distance after playing keepy ups.
  • Silhouette of the small robot and rubble then have the large robot to express the feel of the large robot being intimidating towards the small robot.
  • At the end for the zoom out scene have the characters playing ping pong or something.
  • Slow animatic down as slightly to fast to watch images.

This feedback from Matt and my peers will allow me to develop the animatic to be more appealing to the target audience.


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