Developmental Awareness

In todays lesson we looked at artists that could inspire us or help us to develop our own understanding of design work and concept art. We looked at artists like Daniel Cooper and Celine Kim who are both very talented artists that have inspiring artwork within the industry.

Discussing developmental awareness we looked at specific topics/ questions relating to our own development such as:

  • Where are you?
  • What is the distance between us?
  • What are the benchmarks?

We further discussed the question of benchmarks, where you can look at other artists work and break it down by painting it yourself to see line and colours used. Furthermore you can make a variety of studies to see how the artist uses the materials they have to make their artwork, relating back to breakdowns.

My chosen artists are Glen Keane (animator/artist) because his use of line work in his disney concept art and illustration is inspiring for me because although the line work is sometimes roughly sketched out it still looks really appealing to the eye. Plus the use of pose in his character designs show a clear representation of  the character he is representing, which my illustrations lack.

My next artist is Star wars concept artist Ralph Mcquarrie, because his use of colour and composition looks really appealing to the eye. Furthermore the artwork has that refined paint style and a rough paint style, which looks really interesting to me and could help me to develop my concept artwork to have that painted style artwork.

Finally the artist who is not in the industry is Cosimo Galluzzi who is a concept artist, for environments and characters. His artwork that I found on Pinterest has interesting composition and a refined art style which is digitally painted, using those rough brush strokes to make to refined artwork. I think that this artist could help me to develop my art style to use those brush strokes to create refined digital artwork.


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