Visual Storytelling Journal-07/11/16

07/11/16-Today I have started annotating my sketchbook work, making sure that I write about what ideas I am developing and which I am not. Furthermore I have drawn over my artwork using a combination of materials such as; 2b, 3b pencil, berol pen and my other black outline pens. This has made the drawings more noticeable on the page, as they were originally drawn in H pencil which is too light to see from a distance so I wanted to go over the drawings in case I need them for my presentation.

Anyway in today’s lesson I had to rather unexpected task of making a animatic within a time limit of 50 minutes for my story idea for the project. I decided to make the animatic for the speaker idea, because I had drawn out the majority of the ideas and story arc for the idea. This idea is basically about two speakers that are in a pub/ snooker club where they are each listening to music, as they are speakers. But one of the speakers becomes louder than the other with a different genre of music, so the two get angry at each other and try to out play each other with their music. Gradually getting louder and louder one of the speakers breaks (overheats) and becomes mute. So the winning speaker feels bad for the broken speaker and gives him a radio with music they can both listen to. 

AboveĀ is the very rushed video animatic, I found this challenge rather difficult as it was rather sudden to make a full animatic for your story in 50 minutes, but I suppose it gives you a little experience in how the animation industry may run. Plus this has allowed me to see that perhaps I need to work in a more not necessarily rushed way, but try and set my self time targets to get specific things done to help me get the work done efficiently and on time.


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