Mack the flour sack walk and turn

This weeks task was to create a basic walk animation using a character named Mack the flour sack. Using this character will help me to understand the basic fundamentals of animating characters in Toon boom and learning some more about the 12 principles of animation. So this animation covers staging, follow through and overlapping action and secondary action. Because Mack is walking the essentially arms and legs (corners) will follow through as the sack moves whilst walking. This also means the arms and legs will move in arcs to help show the natural movement of a sack making the secondary action.

The animation above is a roughly sketched out walk using Dan’s tutorial to help me learn the different poses that a flour sack would have whilst walking, moving the legs and arms whilst also moving the body because the sack has flour in it so the sack will move based on the flour’s position. Anyway this animation is a basic walk where the sack makes 2 steps then stop and then another 2 steps all in a forward direction. This basic animation has developed my understanding of how a sack moves, because I have made a flour sack animation in previous years of college but never a walk, so I now have learned how to animate a flour sack walking.

But that is not all as after making the basic walk in the previous video above, I was tasked to create an additional part to the animation where the flour sack turns and walks back to where it started. However unlike before where I used Dan as a tutorial I now needed to explore this myself  and figure out how to get the key poses for a turn. There are many different ways a character can turn (clockwise or anticlockwise) but I decided to have the character turn clockwise rather than anticlockwise because I thought I would try out a simpler animation than going straight into unknown territory. But I will explore this at another time to see how it is different from this scene. Furthermore for this video I used myself as reference (not filmed) and got up and turned in a clockwise direction to get the timing and the key positions for the sack to move.

By using this reference I thought that the turn itself would be at least 1 second (24 frames) for the sack to turn fully, so using the timeline I plotted out a frame at 12 for side on and a frame at 24 to have the sack facing the other direction. Then I went back through this part of the animation and inbetween these two frames at 6 and 18 I added a 3/4 perspective few to help make the animation look a little less blocked out whilst making the animation appear more natural in the turn. The animation back to where Mack started was to use the previous frames as reference and do the opposite of those frames as he is moving in the opposite direction.

This is the fully refined animation of the same frames as the previous video but instead of using the soft lead brush I used the ink brush to get the more refined line work. I did this because we were tasked into making the animation with as less lines as possible. Now I know this is cheating a little but my drawing style as come to a stage where if I do not draw construction lines then the animation will not look appealing to me. Anyway I think the animation came out quite well, I mean I used Dan’s tutorial which showed me how to make the majority of the animation. But I think the turn shows a natural movement and keeps to the perspective. However I think the walk back may be a bit off perspective wise so if I get some feedback from my peers I may be able to fix the issue.


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