What are the limits of Immersion?

What are the limits of Immersion?

  • Virtual reality
  • Immersion has lots of conflict
  • Infiltration- mental, environment
  • Relationship with technology and us
  • Sensory experience switching between the “real” and “unreal”
  • How can we measure the limit of something we cannot fully assume

Quote 1

  • Every object creates a ritual for you, pre-designed set of achens
  • Conventional boundaries- (remove technology) so used to so senses, touch, sight, hearing, technology, infiltrates that
  • Closed in upon by technology (our senses closed in)

Quote 2

  • Conscientiously aware

Quote 3

  • Research into Philosophy
  • Virtual and real are equal from our responses
  • Situations are made by someone in the virtual world, experience being guided by director
  • Immersion a term cannot have assumed meaning with a media context
  • It can be applied to other media, painting, literature and cinema
  • The physical and virtual environment should not be confused as to be the same
  • The way we interact and interpret these worlds is contrived and differentiated

Infiltration of the screen and their innate desire to “fit in”

Step 1: furniture and decoration in the corner, rest easy/ under cover

  • Not peoples day to day ritual only available to certain number of people

Step 2: Focal replacement the performer- fireplace takes centre stage

  • More portable TV’s
  • TV shows improved
  • Gives way to new ritual

Step 3: Hybrid- The messiah

  • Elements of previous designs undercover (as a photography) and a performer (looking down on us with egotist tendency)
  • barrier or a carrier
  • Immersion change how you behave
  • Another consideration- distance between eyes and screen
  • So others can infiltrate and talk to people to break immersion
  • Phones/ multi-media devices

Step 4: Spatial greed

  • Sediction and ritual of technology and it’s personal relationship
  • Include handheld devices/ gaming who are equal merit
  • Devices stop people from immersing with you

Reminder-Demonise technology, but to establish it’s relationship to us

The consumer

  • Consumed by virtual strapped (through choice) to our head not even a turn can take you away
  • e.g. Virtual reality
  • Visual is predominant theme
  • But who has the agency/ control once we be there

Quote 4

  • Experimentation with VR
  • About emotional response
  • Measure immersion well we can think different ways/ extreme e.g. the Matrix
  • Experience response

The Tangle

  • Artifice
  • Experience
  • Participation

The limits

  • Perception
  • Body
  • Thought


  • The onus is on the participant as opposed to the participation itself
  • The implies the autonomy is with the participants own willingness or limitations
  • Another perspective

Quote 5

  • The Tooniverse
  • Characters performing- on screen in the present but off screen as imagined beings
  • Animators- the represented as work, but also off screen and in the past
  • Audience- Off screen, but also cinesthetically there on screen and in the present


  • Digital stimulation- On screen in the present off screen as imagined worlds
  • Content creators- there are represented by work, but also off screen and in the past
  • Audience- Walt Disney thought he could control how the audience feels using better animators

The willing suspension of disbelief

  • The willing disregard the world around you
  • e.g. Mickey mouse you accept they are real in a way
  • Summary

Quote 6

  • No clear link of how experienced
  • Performance in content and of content
  • Immersion should not just be assumed as technology
  • Look how technology approaches us not just how we approach it

Limits of Immersion

  • Senses
  • Experience (motion sickness)
  • Technology
  • Suspend in disbelief (we decide in disbelief)
  • Choice
  • Just as with language there is no easy way to separate the manner in which the images operate from the manner in which they are experienced
  • Does willing suspension end if you choose to


  • How we approach it
  • Decision making (parents inbed it when little
  • Can change your ritual take time to end
  • Cannot assume that you can control the audience
  • Cannot measure limit of immersion
  • Restrictions we put on ourselves
  • We take on/ accept the ideas
  • Limits of ideas
  • Agency- who am I
  • What is like to be an individual
  • Context do we operate, social
  • Action upon the world

Code and Conventions- Willing suspicion of Disbelief

  • Active consumers
  • Ideology immerse ourselves into a view of the way

The importance of secondary characters

  • Main characters- protagonist
  • Villain- anti social
  • Hidden humanity- Batman Arkham knight, Joker brings out the evil side of Batman
  • Secondary characters “Archetypes”
  • Driver- Uncharted 4 Nathans brother
  • Sidekick- Doctor who- Clara
  • Mentor- Donna noble tells to teach kindness
  • Subplot- Mass effect side characters, separate missions
  • You, me and dupree- Dupree is all of the backup- best friend provide romantic advice


  • Uncharted- Sully-sceptic, mentor, sidekick
  • Arrow- Slade Wilson- Antagonist, mentor, secondary character, Shadow
  • Batman- (Robin)- sidekick, secondary characters, evolved into Nightwing
  • Last of Us- (Ellie)- Relationship between characters, side plot, Journey, back story
  • Spongebob- (Fred)- Incidental character, extra
  • Doctor who- (Companions)- Every side characters, supporting character, sub plot
  • Nostalgia- I wish it was still like








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