Walk cycle with reference video and Practise animation

This task was to film a reference video of yourself doing a basic walk to make into a walk cycle, but today I have tired to make sure I get all my body in the footage to help with all of the movement for the animation that I will create using this reference. I filmed this using a Nikon camera on a tripod, unfortunately because it was dark outside I put the lights on but the lights have made the footage a bit fuzzy/pixelated which made the footage a little hard to use for the reference in frame by frame but I manage to use this video to help make future animations.

Here is a hand drawn reference image of the three main poses for the walk cycle in the reference footage above. I made this to help me in case the video was inaccessible at uni or just as an additional reference. But this drawing could be helpful in making the key poses for the legs, hands, feet and torso for when I make a animation based on the walk cycle reference footage.


Here is a practise animation using the Norman rig that I was not tasked to make,  but I made it to get a general practise animation a walk cycle in Maya 2016. I have animated walk cycles before but never using reference footage which is hence why some of the animations do not look natural or appealing. But anyway this video is a basic blocking animation without the reference footage in the video.

Below is the same video with the reference video in the top right hand corner. I made this to simply show how the reference footage has effected the animation and kind of looks similar. Accept in this video I have made the walk cycle with each step being 12 frames apart making the animation not fit the reference in the sense of timing, so the next step is to use the graph editor and make the timing fit the reference.

Below I have edited the video using the graph editor to be 6 frames per second, but because this is suppose to be a practise blocking animation the graph is still stepped because I wanted to show the basic poses using the reference footage and the drawing to see how reference can help animations look more appealing to the audience. Overall I think the blocking of the animation has come through nicely and now fits the reference footage. In some cases the timing is a little of but if I decide to finish this which I will I will use the graph editor and add the appropriate arcs to the animation to make it look more natural for a human walk cycle.


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