Visual Storytelling 03/11/16

03/11/16- Today I have been drawing in my sketchbook, making character designs for the robot story idea. By drawing characters in different poses I have found that the characters have become more interesting to see (appeal) for me so they I have decided to go through my sketchbook and draw over my light sketches drawn in a H pencil to re-position the character or make the pose/expression more interesting.

Furthermore I have drawn out some really rough silhouette sketches for the robot characters to help me think of some various designs/ shapes I could use to develop my initial ideas for the characters.

For the speaker story idea I have gone back through my sketchbook and drawn over the designs to make the appeal of the poses more interesting, whilst making the characters have more personality making them have recognisable and appealing personalities that I could develop or refine. Finally I have added some different materials and slight adaptations with colour to see different appeals I could use in the final designs. Plus I have gone through and annotated the majority of my pages telling me what I have chosen and why as well as why I haven’t chosen a particular design.

Next time I will add some colour to the designs and make some digital concept art. For the robot idea I will continue to develop my character and environment designs before moving on to storyboards.


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