Visual Storytelling Journal 28/10/16-30/10/16

28/10/16– Today I used the research I had found from the previous post to create some rough character designs for the two speakers in my speaker story. I used the research images as reference to experiment with various shapes and types of speakers to help develop the overall design of the characters.

Whilst designing different versions of my characters I decided to create a backstory for each of the characters to help my add some different features that would suit the characters and help to give them individual personalities. This will help the target audience to see the difference between the characters. Therefore the horizontal speaker will enjoy a rock and roll genre of music, whereas the vertical speaker will enjoy R&b music. When the vertical speaker gives the horizontal speaker the radio he decides to play a genre of music they both can enjoy; pop, dubstep, mashup, classical or instrumental.

29/10/16-In addition to character designs I made some more research into various environments that I had chosen to use in my previous designs that I roughly sketched out in my sketchbook. So the environments I chose were; snooker club, club dj booth, cruise ship deck and a office (manager). Here are the images above with the reference file, containing all the references for each of the images to avoid copyright.

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Using all the reference images I will make some further development sketches to help me decide on a final design that I could develop and refine to use for the storyboards and animatic.

30/10/16– These images have allowed me to develop the environment designs choosing the most interesting designs that could be used for the animation. Looking at the environments I developed the drawings, changing each of the drawings to add some different features to make the drawing more appealing.

I have also developed the characters to make the characters more interesting and so they fit to their backstory. Developing the chosen designs for the characters I managed to decide on a character design from each development page or character, providing me with the option to further develop the character designs. I have sketched out some more further developed designs so now I need to get some feedback to see what is more appealing and which would fit the back stories.

Next time I will use the feedback to develop/ refine the final character design, making expressions and model sheets. Then I will make the other story designs to help me figure out which story will be the most appealing for the audience, that will be used discussed in the presentation. I will need to make character and environment designs for the robot story. Then final sketches making colour boards, storyboards, beat boards and animatics.



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