Do it Yourself doodler

This task was to create an idea for a drawing using this template image below to then draw over the top and add some different ideas on top. So for this we were only allowed to use this template, meaning we where not allowed to change the base image of the women so that had to stay the same in the drawing. But you could add whatever you wanted on top of her (clothes, background, etc) to make your idea onto the character.


So for my idea I decided to draw a alien monster with tentacles (space octopus) attacking the female character and a robotic character I made from scratch in a space ship. This idea came to mind, by looking at various other do it yourself doodlers on Pinterest to see what other ideas have already been made. So looking at these I found that not many of the other ideas where space themed. Therefore I went for a outer space creature attacking characters on a space station. As you can see I kept the base shape of the women but I added some futuristic style clothing to the character to show that futuristic world.

This drawing wads made digitally on Photoshop using my custom brushes to draw other the top of the original image. So by using a construction pencil and normal HB pencil brush I was able to draw a pencil style drawing digitally on Photoshop. I did this because I thought it would be easier to draw other the top digitally compared to traditionally as if I made a mistake it would be easier to delete than rub out.


I think this drawing has come out nicely, as it shows a clear representation of what I was trying to show on the page. Plus I have managed to add some interesting designs to the page, allowing me to make a futuristic style environment for the characters and space alien to be in. However I think that the blue lines should not be there because the lines were on the wrong layer and by the time I realised I had already drawn over the lines, and they were too difficult to remove without getting rid of my all my other work.


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