Peer review (blogs)

Anthony Benwell

  • Visual storytelling- very good, like the journal idea, maybe add pictures of your story boards (if you have done them)
  • Contextual studies- Start uploading the random notes on your blog (I need to as well)
  • Ideas factory- Within the crime script you did. Add the copy or a copy with edited notes on it
  • Production- Midway through the norman walk it bobs a bit to much so just lift the slightly. have longer pauses on the lost ball animation (when it looks to one side, pause for longer). I like the ball on tail animation, though I would just say
  • Drawing class- Upload more drawing class sketches. That is all

Hannah Marks

  • You written a lot
  • There lots of Imagery
  • I like the banner- Sorry not work related
  • Just by following the picture you put up, and know what to do without reading

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