3D Production notes- Keyframing and blocking

  • Key pose- extremes
  • Add frame numbers in playblast
  • Smooth curves/ arcs in graph editor

Pose to pose vs Straight ahead animation

  • Pose to pose- keyframes, In-between
  • Straight ahead- do keyframes in order from frame to frame, from first scene to last scene

Walk cycle

  • 24 frames
  • Start to end point of 2 steps contact, up and down, passing poses
  • In games it is looped by doing few frames and looping
  • Bouncing ball are the hips in a walk cycle ( graph editor natural curves)

Motion paths and Motion tracking

  • Smooth arcs
  • Path of action
  • Track individual parts
  • Frame by frame
  • Speed up smoothing out animation

Blocking a shot

  • Key pose must read
  • Read the timing
  • Performances should be visible
  • Everything should be keyed
  • Only thing can be excused in lip sync
  • In-betweens can be introduced
  • Silhouette will always be of use


  • Select object> Visualise> Ghost selected> click box



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