Visual Storytelling Journal-27/10/2016

27/10/16- Today I started to create some more sketches for the speaker idea for the short film. This idea as a reminder is when the two speakers have an argument on a desk or in a party room, then one of the speaker breaks. So the still working speaker gives the broken one a radio to listen to. But making these sketches I came up with an idea to adapt the story, where the speakers get into an argument because they are playing two different genres of music at the same time, trying to out do each other.

I have also made a story arc today in my sketchbook to help tell this story, showing how the story will build till the disaster/ dramatic point in the plot line. Anyway the two speakers get louder and louder fighting because of the difference in genre until the one of the speakers gets too loud and overloads breaking its speaker. Now being silent the other speaker feels slightly happy he won, until he realises the other one is sad and goes of to get a radio. Then the two compromise using the radio with one particular genre of music.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Furthermore in sketching more ideas for this story, I began some more research into speakers online. Using the research I started to sketch out more character designs manipulating different speakers, using different shapes and sizes to help make new interesting characters that have a variety of expressions. Then using these designs I could further develop the ideas to become more final character designs. I have decided to research speakers because I wanted the speakers to be two different kinds of speaker, as it will help the audience to see the different between the characters. As I will have actions showing which characters are speaking but having a difference in appearance will help with appeal and make the animation more interesting with the variety.

I have all the references for the images in the slideshow above to show I have not tried to take the images as my own and avoid copyright issues.


Next I will continue to develop characters, environments and perhaps start a script to help me plot out the story for making the storyboards and colour board.


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