Don’t work harder, Work Smarter!

I need to think about certain decisions to make my sketchbook practise, blog practise and production practise.

For sketchbook practise I have thought about drawing on the train, on my way to uni or work. After drawing an idea make sure to annotate so give myself 10 minutes to look at the page and annotate. Keep drawing whenever I have time that is free, even if I am sitting in the garden. Continue to draw out ideas as soon as they pop into your head, or take notes and draw the idea from the notes. But I am a bit behind in my sketchbook so I need to draw some more character, environment, concept art, etc.

For Blog practise make sure after every lesson in so say Monday after visual storytelling blog what I have done so far in the lesson in my break just so I keep track on what happened in the lesson. I need to make sure I post all the modules rather than more than the other otherwise my blog is unbalanced and I will forget stuff. So I am behind in Ideas factory and contextual studies. I have 0 contextual and only a few ideas factory so keep them up to date.

Production practise I need to make sure that I export the animations during the blocking and final animation after it is complete. I need to add some additional screenshots to help explain my production thoughts and processes.


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