Visual Storytelling Journal 17/10/16

Today in Matt’s lesson I drew out some more sketches for the three ideas I had chose yesterday, going towards the final idea. I basically just drew out some more character designs and character poses to help me figure out some more interesting ideas for representing the characters for the ideas.

But talking with Matt and explaining my three chosen ideas I got some feedback from him, saying that each of the ideas were good, but the speaker and robot idea are defiantly the strongest ideas out of all of them. So he suggested making storyboards for both ideas to then on the deadline/ presentation or even after half term get some peer feedback for the best idea to use as the short film. Taking on Matt’s advice I think that I agree with him in choosing these two ideas, as they do have interesting ideas that I refine further.

For the robot idea I had got some ideas from Matt’s feedback as I could have he ball fly off into the distance and you hear the thud and thumb as it hits the robot. Then this huge robot appears in front of the smaller robot, the small robot holds his hands over his face in terror as if the huge robot is going to crush him or pound him. Until the large robot gives the ball back to the smaller robot. And they try to play the game together but the large robot cannot do it, as perhaps he snaps the bat with large hands. But he soon learns how to play and it zooms out to the two characters playing ball together or even another type of game.

So next I need to develop and refine these two ideas, making different environment, character, storyboards, beat boards, animation and some different digital concept art.


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