Visual Storytelling composition notes

  • Storyboards- shot number and letter
  • Story arc- peak in graph where main action occurs
  • Camera- dashed box around stage
  • Shooting order
  • Do not ANIMATE in order, COMPLEX part first!
  • Not one giant file, multiple scene files
  • Will speed up machine


  • Glen keane- write down what has done and what he will do next day

Test shots

  • Grab a camera with a tripod with friends or alone
  • Act out scene yourself (reference footage) for animation in environment
  • Use reference from your own acting of the animation
  • So organise an assistant director in short film to help you keep on track
  • Each scene have one beautiful shot that makes the audience enjoy the shot
  • Expect the unexpected

Post production

  • Make a rough version of the animation
  • Music- dealing with musicians- give them some visuals
  • Something may have to go
  • Not everything makes in the final animation
  • So could work seven weeks on a animation, but still may not go into the animation
  • Think about the audience’s perspective
  • Short title and credits
  • Press kit
  • Posters sent to film festivals small bio, name, school, type of animation
  • Buzz
  • Film festival cannot but work online 30 secs of film of social media (preview)
  • Have a premiere
  • Have a big hype of your animation, so like a gathering to screen the short film

Film Festivals

  • Websites on presentations on google drive

Composition of shots

  • Point to where audience need to look
  • Light (pointed/directional)
  • Blur shot (blur other character or background if focusing on one character)
  • Asymmetry
  • Colour
  • Shapes
  • Screen side
  • Do not leave empty space
  • Assign characters screen sides
  • Left to right (we look)
  • Unless reset (put in centre)

Rule of thirds

  • Divide screen into 9 boxes
  • They look at top line
  • Audience look around edges
  • Use this method for all shots/ storyboards

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